Invocazione ad Iside
(Invocation to Isis)


Raelyn Metcalfe - Isis
Liane Prenovault - High Priestess
Jess Kelly - Priestess of Isis
Emilio Colalillo - Set
Matthew Barnes - Horus


Michelle Crossman

Film by

Giacomo Cataldo

Completion Date

January 21, 2021



Conceived as a dance piece with choreography Michelle Crossman, Invocazione ad Iside is a short film retelling of the ancient Egyptian myth of Osiris. Based on an original composition by Giacomo Cataldo which sets a text by Apuleius, the ritual invocation of Isis by her priestesses brings forth a vision of the goddess and the story of the mythical conflict between Set and Horus.

Music performed by:
Lviv Chamber choir / Roman Kryskenko (Choir Master)
Lviv Symphony Orchestra / Ferdinando Nazzaro (Conductor)

Film and post production by Giacomo Cataldo.

© 2021

About the artists

Michelle Crossman


Michelle Crossman is an actor, dancer, choreographer and mental health advocate. She was born and raised in Brantford Ontario where she grew up as a classically trained dancer. Moving to the city of Toronto Ontario she expanded her training to more styles of dance, began to choreograph and started training in acting as well to grow her skillset. Michelle is known for her storytelling through movement and expression, the ability to connect with the audience whether it is on stage or on camera.

Raelyn Metcalfe

Dancer: Isis

Raised in Vancouver and based in Toronto, Raelyn is a woman of mixed race Plains Cree from Saskatchewan and settler heritage. She is a graduate of The Conteur Dance Academy. Her love of performing began with ballet and transitioned her into other styles, including musical theatre. She has trained with The Richmond Academy of Dance, MOVE: the company, and The Conteur Academy.

In 2015 Raelyn had the pleasure of working with Conteur Dance Company, a preview development show under the direction of artistic director Eryn Waltman. Raelyn has also worked with Aria Evans who is artistic director of Political Movement. In 2017 Raelyn performed Aria’s work Voice Of A Nation, commissioned by the Toronto Concert Orchestra.

Revisiting her identity and background, Raelyn had the opportunity performing as a dancer at the 2018 Indspire Awards along with Santee Smith, the founding artistic director of Kaha:wi Dance Theatre. Raelyn has recently completed the 2019-20 tour of the production The Mush Hole with Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, and received a 2020 Dora Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble. Following her passion of performing both on stage and on film, Raelyn is a dedicated dance artist who wishes to continue her inspiration for others.

About the music

For further information on the musical genesis of the piece, please visit the link below:

Independent Classical Record Label. Exploring new music and underexposed repertoire. For more information please consult the FAQ.