Giacomo Cataldo - Opere per orchestra

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Cataldo's music is immediate and uncontrived, intensely lyrical, taking off with fiery vivacity - spontaneously explosive, sometimes giving way to a mood of elation.


... we find a philosophical spirit, and quite romantic, looking for inspiration in the real world, not in an idealized inner one.

The six world premiere works were by composer Giacomo Cataldo were performed by the Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Petr Pololáník and features violin soloist Leoš Zavadilík. Recorded live in Zlín.

1   Giacomo Cataldo (1977* )         Preludio sinfonico 11:23   
2 Fantasia per violino ed orchestra 8:41   
3 Piccola reminiscenza per violino ed orchestra                        6:14   
4 Sospiro elaborato 17:03   
5 Notturno per orchestra 7:44   
6 Leggenda n. 1 per orchestra 9:51   

Filharmonie Bohuslava Martinů | Leoš Zavadilík, violin soloist | Petr Pololáník, conductor

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